About Us

We are a duo of designers currently working on Heimarmene: Closing Night.

Heimarmene: Closing Night is an engine-building tabletop game about taking control of your own fate. Based on ancient Gnostic ideals of destiny, the players take centre stage and fight over the narrative in a hellish play they must struggle to overcome. The roles constantly trade hands, the script always changes, and the actors must improvise to see their plans to fruition. Each player has hidden objectives which require them to play the systems in unique ways and read their opponents’ intentions, while embodying one of the nine Greek Muses. The emergent-storytelling-first design makes every playthrough unique and surprising, creating new multi-layered narratives which feel deeply player-authored. 

Heimarmene’s systems are inspired by games like Dominion and Race For The Galaxy, but flip the formula, making players build into a communal engine rather than managing their own. The game’s artstyle is inspired by Greek pottery and artists like Egon Schiele. 

Ariele Borghi

Portfolio: https://keen-coyote-ae2.notion.site/Ariele-Borghi-Designer-151f666a601b404091a944e01436a2ce?pvs=4

Liz Miller

Portfolio: https://maidmakes.games/

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